Due to increasingly tighter measures on travel, in response to the COVID-19, the following events may have been rescheduled or even cancelled. Follow the links to check individual events for any changes. Thank you and stay safe.

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14 Jan 2020—Cybersecurity & Privacy Governance: The Role of the Board and Governance Professionals

This session explores the essential links between cybersecurity, privacy and  corporate governance. Governance professionals have the opportunity to assess the risks and links with performance and discuss what boards should do when a breach occurs, what incident response capabilities are there. This session will also explore theoretical and approaches to cyber threat management, as well as privacy breaches. Read more

13–14 May 2020—Summit on Immigration and the Changing Nature of Work

What are the immigration-related issues impacting your organization? The Summit will examine important aspects of economic, social, and technological change that could affect the Canadian immigration system. Read more

8–10 June 2020—ICGN Annual Conference

While we believe that all ICGN Annual Conferences are special, this year’s conference holds particular significance as it celebrates ICGN’s 25th year. Read more

23–26 Aug 2020—Annual Corporate Governance Conference

Annual Corporate Governance Conference brings together participants from all across Canada and features two and a half days of expert panels, workshops and breakout sessions on top of mind issues, the evolving corporate governance landscape in Canada and internationally, and best practices in the governance field. Read more