Corporate Governance Solutions

GovernEZ provides high-quality, value-driven, usable and modern iOS and Android Applications. 

Easy to use! Users enter details of their task management (name of industry and geographical area) and the system will give a report based on available data collected. The benefit of this report is that our clients can develop better Corporate Governance communities. The report would include the following:

  • Related Acts and Regulations
  • Demographics Evaluation
  • Community opinions and feedback for the chosen industry (related to the specific chosen geographical area)
  • Recommendations


Our Clients

 GovernEZ is the perfect solution for Corporate Governance professionals across Canada. Our program will automatically adapt with each new client, creating an ecosystem on a city-by-city, service-by-service exclusive referral systems that can be easily adapted to the local environment and markets. Our potential customers are users from all Canadian provinces. Our customers are related people.